The Bloc Quebecois fished a deserter Forces and Democracy

chef-forces-democratie-jean-francois(Quebec) The outgoing Bloc Québécois now Chief Forces and Democracy, Jean-François Fortin, lost an important member of the team in favor of his former political party, the campaign organizer Eastern-du-Québec Gregory Bérubé. Since the return of Gilles Duceppe, other relatives of Mr. Fortin were solicited, a tactic of war as the old world, as the main person.

In November, Forces and Democracy was announced with great fanfare the appointment of Grégoire Bérubé as director of the organization of the election campaign the incumbent Jean-François Fortin in his constituency of Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapédia. M.Bérubé was described as “one of the most experienced organizers in Quebec” with its forty active campaigns. He has worked for both the Parti Québécois and the Bloc Québécois.

But after a brief stint at Forces and Democracy, he announced to his chief in mid-June that he was returning to his first love. “It was not a difference of opinion with Forces and Democracy, it was more a personal decision based on other criteria,” explains Jean-François Fortin. His team also minimizes the outset, arguing to have largely had time to find a replacement.

The spokesman for the Bloc Quebecois, Dominic Vallières, says his side that Gregory Bérubé, who has always fought for the independence of Quebec, hardly conceived not to continue his fight especially in the current context where she returned to the front -plan in the speeches of sovereignist parties. “He came back on the basis of attraction,” says Mr. Vallières. However, he said ignore if other relatives have been courted by the BQ as Mr. Fortin.

“We offered to all my team job to try to convince them to bring them back [BQ],” recalls Chief Forces and Democracy. According to him, the formation of Gilles Duceppe is “war mode”.

Art of War

“We all read our classics. In The Art of War, there are two ways to cut ties with the opponents and that is to cut the alliances and cutting procurement and wartime food “, analyzes the incumbent. “We tried to make me this blow by cutting of my closest alliances,” says Jean-François Fortin, according to the tactic failed. Despite good wages and secure jobs, all but Grégoire Bérubé refused to leave the young party.

The incumbent sees a good eye the interest Duceppe’s troops towards his political staff. “If we do not mind if what was offered was not interesting, if we were not perceived as a voice that can score a lot of points, the Bloc Quebecois would not be so,” says one who qualifies the tactics of the Bloc as an ancient way of doing politics.

A slower start

Forces and Democracy will release his first point of the campaign Wednesday in Ottawa. The intervention will focus on how the training intends to reform democracy “sick”, a subject dear to Jean-François Fortin. If it had not made any public outing since Sunday or did not announce many candidates – 13 out of the 25 that intends to present – is that it does not have the same means as “the major parties,” he explains.

However, he believes that with a long election campaign, Forces and Democracy will have more time to advance his ideas “competing originality”. Mr. Fortin, who still aspires to elect a candidate by administrative region in Quebec, does not decide on the future of his party in the event that his constituents stopped their choice on a rival.

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