The Bridge Corporation requests the withdrawal of a shuttle driver

estacade-normalement-utilisee-chaque-jourThe federal corporation The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) asked a contractor to remove one of its drivers the shuttle service operates on the Champlain Bridge, following an incident that occurred on this Sunday federal structure.

Charles O’Connor, a witness of the scene that was in the shuttle with his wife, told La Presse that the bus driver has intentionally blocked the transition to a cyclist coming from the opposite direction on the boom, to 17h Sunday to prevent him from continuing his way towards the Seaway.

“We were five passengers in the shuttle and we drove towards Nuns’ Island when we saw a cyclist coming from the opposite direction, even if it is closed. The driver tapped his vehicle to put in the same axis. The bike has settled, and the driver is placed in front of him.

When they stopped, there were only a few inches away from them, “he told La Presse. Mr. O’Connor said he was “shocked” by the behavior of the driver and his attitude after he had criticized him in clear terms. “He did not seem to believe absolutely that he almost caused a collision.” The cyclist went his way.

The communications director JCCBI, Julie Paquet, told La Presse on Thursday that the version of the incident supplied by the driver differed substantially from that of Mr. O’Connor. “Instead, we talked about a verbal altercation, she said. But we still requested that the driver is no longer assigned to the shuttle service. ”

Ms. Paquet added that JCCB company asked its contractor to remind its drivers that their first responsibility was to carry people safely from one side to the other of the boom, “and not play to the police.

The boom, which is normally used daily by hundreds of cyclists, bicycles are prohibited since July 6, due to major work.

To allow cyclists to go from Nuns’ Island to the Seaway JCCB introduced a shuttle service bus continuously, which ensures the passage of the boom, with biking, between 6 and 22h.

Ms. Paquet acknowledges that there is still, on occasion, offenders despite posters and barriers installed at the ends of the boom.

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