The busiest day of the summer at the Zoo

environ-15-000-personnes-franchi(Granby) As every year, the weeks of construction attract many visitors to the Granby Zoo, slowing traffic in this area. Agents from the Granby Police Department were also present in the morning on Wednesday to facilitate the movement of all these people.

About 15 000 people had passed through the turnstiles of the Zoo yesterday, making it the busiest day of the summer so far. Wednesday, the Zoo has recorded just over 13,000 admissions. To overcome the significant slowdowns on Highway 139, the Granby policemen to traffic between 9 pm and 12 pm 30 30.

“We, nothing changes in our operations, but it makes our lives easier,” says the director of customer service at the Granby Zoo, Samuel Grenier. In recent years, cooperation between the Zoo and the police service to reduce congestion.

“Either they call us, or it’s us,” said Mr. Grenier. “This year, it’s going very well,” confirms for its part Lieutenant Stephane Letendre of Granby Police Department, demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach.

Around 11 pm Wednesday, the main parking lot of the Zoo was filled to capacity. Motorists were able to park in either of two alternative parking provided by the Zoo, the first in the Dufferin Street near the water park, and the second near the boulevard Bouchard David North and funeral homes Bessette.

The remotely controlled variable message sign indicating to motorists approaching from the 139 turn right onto Simonds Street rather than go directly to the Zoo. The shuttle service was also engaged.


“The 15,000 (visitors) will perhaps remain the biggest traffic, but it is hard to predict,” noted Samuel Grenier. Everything depends on the weather: just a few days of bad weather followed by a beautiful sunny day to attract the masses. “It is absolutely certain that that day, it’ll explode!” Observed the director of customer service.

Ridership at the Zoo this summer, lines up to be very similar to that of 2015. “At the end of the weekend, we were a little behind and here we are ahead. It wanders, “said Elaine Plamondon, Director Sales, Marketing and Communications at the Granby Zoo. “As of today (Wednesday), it is 10 000 (visitors) forward,” she said.

The absolute attendance record for a day was in 2009, while some 19 600 people had walked the site.

Two new records were set last year: the total number of visitors reached the milestone of 670 000, while an overall surplus of $ 4.3 million was recorded financial side.

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