The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is invited in the countryside

fcc-mis-grain-sel-campagneReforming pensions of officials, decrease the income tax or allow citizens to dismiss an elected: these varied measures are proposed by a federal political party, but by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (FCC). The organization hopes that the major parties will take a good part of its 15 “priority policies” published Tuesday.

The FCC has put his two cents in the election campaign Tuesday by establishing its political list that will “afford to breathe a little Canadian taxpayers,” says Aaron Wudrick, Federal Director of the FCC, which has about 84,000 sympathizers countries. This is a survey of 5000 members has established the list of requests.

Again this year, Mr. Wudrick has confidence that some of the 15 proposals by the FCC may be made regardless of who forms the next government. “These are ideas that are very practical, very simple and does not cost much or nothing at all. It is not possible for a government to adopt them all, but there is at least something for each party, “he said in an interview with The Gazette.

Of the 15 policies, the priority of the FCC’s adoption of Bill C-518 to withdraw pension income to the guilty members of certain crimes while in office. A significant majority of elected representatives voted in favor of the private bill in February. But the Senate has not adopted before the election. “This is the most important for our supporters. It would be easy to adopt, “said Aaron Wudrick. Another of the Federation of warhorses is the transformation of the EI program in personal savings accounts Employment Insurance.

During the 2011 elections, 6 out of 20 measures have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented by the Harper government, including the achievement of a balanced budget, elimination of the gun registry and increasing the annual contribution limit to TFSAs. Nevertheless, the FCC remains apolitical, argues Aaron Wudrick.

“We are almost libertarians and fiscal conservatives, but we have the support of all political spectra. We work with the parties of left and center on waste and transparency, “says Director of the FCC.

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