The Canadian tilts shootout

phil-kessel-tente-prendre-controle(Pittsburgh) The crazy scoring chances, lost advances, injured players leaving for the locker room, the Canadian who runs a success with a penalty in overtime … We saw all the colors in this game which David Perron and Sidney Crosby put the end point shootout and allowed the Penguins to win 4-3 Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

The Canadiens erased two deficits during this meeting, but was unable to protect its lead in the third period, playing most of the period on the heels. It finally opened the door to Patric Hornqvist. As much as he had dominated the second period, conceding only one run to the premises, as the Canadiens struggled to contain the repeated attacks by these third.

In the circumstances, Mike Condon deserved a better fate. Even if he had yielded to Pascal Dupuis after only 13 seconds in the game, he showed impressive in more than one occasion. The Penguins controlled the game in the first 13 or 14 minutes of the game and of the warnings to less than five feet from his net. Very active, fastest on the puck, the Penguins exerted a lot of pressure during the defense of the Canadian left her guardian to himself.

Condon has among others won ahead Hornqvist, who was posted just before him. We used the video replay to confirm that it had closed the pad before the puck crosses the red line.

Then, during a punishment to Brendan Gallagher, he quit Evgeni Malkin who enjoyed just before him of a chance of the highest quality. Malkin and Phil Kessel were probably the most dangerous in the Penguins’ side.

“The other guard looks as good exclaimed Perron morning when it came to Condon. Everyone expected to see a slowdown (in the absence of Carey Price), but nothing changed. It means that the Canadian is a really good team. ”

Things have gradually subsided, and it’s during an attack seemingly innocuous, very end of the period, the Penguins regained the lead. Phil Kessel has used as a screen Andrei Markov and his good wrist shot deflected off defenseman Olli Maatta, came Maatta support.

Weise gives jitters

If he had retired to the dressing room 2-1 deficit, the Canadiens came back with a flawless performance in the second period.

Markov scored on a power play in the first period. It was the first time the Canadiens scored a goal on the power play in seven straight games since January 2013. However, he has distinguished himself quite differently in the second when he hosted Kristopher Letang of a solid body check while Quebec defender had ventured deep into the Canadian zone. Letang strongly demanded punishment for tackle from behind, but the referees ruled that the shot was legal and that Letang had not sought to protect themselves.

The net result is that the puck and quickly found in the other direction and Brendan Gallagher brought everyone to equality in a raid two-against-one. Letang was still furious at its next presence and showed indiscipline.

This offense was not costly for the Penguins, but it could have been for the Canadian because Dale Weise was injured in the right leg when Ben Lovejoy dived at his feet. We feared the worst given the difficulty that Weise had to re-enter of his bench and the help he needed to get to the locker room. He seemed unable to put weight on his right leg.

But a few minutes later, a miracle: the amazing’re back in maverick of his bench! Weise was able to finish the game, but whether everything will be fine when he awoke this morning, that’s another question.

Weise is not the only player to Lovejoy who gave the jitters. In the third period, it reached Gallagher left ankle and the fiery striker also had to the locker room for a few minutes.

In the first half Lovejoy stick blade had also entered the gate of Marc-Andre Fleury mask and had cut just below the left eye. The Sorel guard left the game momentarily.

It was incredible and hard fought. The Penguins have survived a second inert period while the CH, it without doubt will want to have left his rivals not dictate the third.

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