The CAQ in favor of a tax cut

legault-saguenayThe leader of the future Coalition Quebec (CAQ), François Legault, and its candidate for the by-election in Chicoutimi, Helene Girard, demanding lower taxes and taxes so that Quebec households can benefit from an additional $ $ 1,000 per family that would revive the economy.

Passage for a second time in Chicoutimi to support its candidate, Mr. Legault argues that a reduction of taxes and tariffs is the major element demanded by voters in Chicoutimi. “Mr. Couillard has recently presented a budget that contains no tax cut. After two years of Liberal governance, citizens faced $ 1,300 increase in taxes and tariffs. This is the topic that people talk about. They benefit from fewer services. It is the turkey stuffing, “he says.

According to him, neither the PQ nor the Liberals are able to offer tax cuts despite the fact that the government hides a budget surplus of two billion. “If we want to reduce the debt, we must revive the economy.”

As he made his first visit, Mr. Legault continued to present the CAQ as the third option facing the two old parties that are, according to him, the Quebec Liberal Party and the Party.

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