The CAQ is not the third choice, according to Helne Girard

croit-caq-bonnesA week of voting, the candidate of the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ), Helene Girard, is more confident than ever. His party is no longer the third choice of voters in Chicoutimi, preaches the old radio host.

“People are ready for change. On the one hand there is corruption on the other, shortness of breath. Mr. Legault’s popularity rating in Chicoutimi. Yes, people still say that the party is young. But precisely, we have nothing to be ashamed of. We simply want the chance to have our say in the National Assembly. It has everything to gain with the CAQ, “insists the candidate, who had just completed a tour of polling stations in Chicoutimi.

Ms. Girard announced last week that it would vote against Bill 64 aimed at creating a Quebec registry of firearms. But its main workhorse remains lower taxes. A measure which will benefit Quebecers, including his constituents in Chicoutimi.

“There are several interesting projects in the district. People have good ideas. But my priority is taxes. A decrease of $ 500 per person, so $ 1,000 per family. It will allow people to unwind. And then everything will click into place. I call it a game of dominoes positive “picture candidate.

At least four debates will be held in Chicoutimi, in the coming days. Hélène Girard intends to defend its point of view on all these forums. But she announces at the outset that it does not hold petty about the place of his opponents.

“I do not want to fall into pettiness, low blows. People do not want to hear that. I will respect the other candidates while presenting my ideas, “says Ms. Girard.

Advance Voting

Nearly 3.5% of the voters in Chicoutimi have already chosen their future deputy. Just over 1,600 people took advantage of advance polls to officially endorse a candidate in the election. Of these, 1199 have voted in one of the three polling stations built temporarily for the occasion. The office will close late Monday afternoon. Other people voted at home or directly to the returning office. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it will be even possible to vote at the returning office. Teams also will go to health facilities and nursing homes.

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