The CAQ target job security officials and Deputy Ministers

chef-caq-francois-legault-centre(Quebec) The future Quebec Coalition wants to stop what it calls the “laxity”, the regime of “total amnesty” and the “culture of incompetence” in the public service. She presented Monday 36 recommendations to make it happen, the main target of job security officials and deputy ministers.

The caquiste deputy Éric Caire wants the state to establish a “responsibility pact” with its employees. It proposes to establish a “permanent staff appraisal mechanism” that would allow the return of workers deemed incompetent.

“I am going to get the point of view of the taxpayer, illustrated Mr. Caire. What I have to win me, to keep someone in office who never met its targets that never delivers the goods? ”

The CAQ proposes that Quebec legislate to make it more accountable deputy ministers and heads of public agencies. State mandarins risk losing their jobs if they are unable to achieve efficiency targets.

In return, they would adopt greater flexibility in the management of their departments or agencies.

The CAQ also proposes to conduct “sectoral negotiations” to limiting the wage gap between the public and private sectors in certain job categories. Mr. Caire cites the example of computer analysts, so some earn $ 15,000 per year in the private sector.

MP hopes that its recommendations will be received positively by the officials, the vast majority is made up of “good people”.

“We will get rid of those that you look every day hiding here and there, doing nothing, and that ensure that you type in a job you would not have to hit you,” he illustrated.

Besides job security, Mr. Caire offers from top to bottom to reorganize the use of IT in departments and agencies. It suggests strengthening internal expertise of government and reduce dependence on private firms.

It also proposes creating a digital identifier for each citizen. Quebecers by compiling data on a single database that each department could ask, would limit duplication, believes the CAQ.

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