The car of an octogenarian races and crashes into a wall

1168354An octogenarian lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a wall of a building in downtown Drummondville, Monday around 10am. Fortunately, he got off with minor injuries.

A witness at the scene initially thought it was a young driver wanting to test his car in the parking lot. He panicked when he saw the car darken at high speed on the building wall.

In his race, the octogenarian damaged a car and went over a cement embankment before punching an air conditioning system and end his race against the wall of a commercial building. On leaving the vehicle, the man showed signs of confusion and seemed disoriented long.

Another witness at the scene asked him to hand over his keys to ensure he is not tempted to hit the road.

Called to intervene, the patrol Drummond Surete du Quebec met the driver and ordered that it be subject to a SAAQ driving evaluation.

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