The Carabins bow on the last play of the match

gauche-droite-michael-connor-terrell(Quebec) The Carabins University of Montreal could not defend the Vanier Cup on Saturday in Quebec City, when they were beaten 26-23 by the Thunderbirds University of British Columbia.

While they had dominated their rivals in the playoffs thanks to a defensive iron, the Blues have struggled to counter the offensive of the Thunderbirds. Led throughout the game, Revenue tied for fourth quarter, the Carabins handed the ball once too often to their opponents in a dramatic late game.

After forcing a turnover on an investment effort that would have given victory to the Thunderbirds, the Carabins have themselves committed a turnover when a pass from Gabriel Cousineau quarter jumped from the hands of William Paquet those in Receiver AJ Blackwell.

A few plays later, kicker Quinn Van Gylswyk calmly managed the investment of 20 yards that sealed the win.

The Carabins had removed the first national title in their history last season and this season they won a second provincial title in a row.

For their part, the Thunderbirds had won only two victories last season, when Blake Nill coach was still at the helm of the Calgary Dinos. His arrival has enabled UBC to reconnect with a glorious past – three titles in the Vanier Cup in 1982, 1986 and 1997 – despite the fact that no one believed the team to go all the way this year.

Nill won a third title at the Vanier Cup, its first after four consecutive defeats. The one who led three different teams to the championship game are now present record of three wins and five losses.

The Thunderbirds had obviously prepared the game on offense and quarterback Michael O’Connor had over 100 yards per pass halfway in the first quarter. The Carabins were initially managed to stop outbreaks from rivals who had to settle for three field goals (45, 33 and 43 yards) Quinn Van Gylswyk.

But the Blues were then committed a rare blunder, the first interception thrown by Gabriel Cousineau quarter, offering another chance to their rivals. Struck by the time he was going to throw the ball

O’Connor quickly advantage, joining Marcus Davis an unstoppable pass in the corner of the end zone. The young quarterback formed in the United States, however, has been able to avoid a blunder, too, escaping the ball to the line 28. The Carabins, who had done nothing worthwhile until then seized the opportunity. Cousineau made three passes in a row, the last two to Guillaume Paquet, who literally stole the ball Two roofers at the back of the end zone for a touchdown pass.

The Thunderbirds were immediately offered another opening Carabins on the following sequence, while they have miserably missed a game on an investment feint at the door of Montrealers goals.

Taking the ball at their 10 line with barely a minute to play, the Carabins crossed the field to go pass an eight-yard placement that allowed them to go to the locker room to reach the Thunderbirds.

They have however dealt a massive blow to their opponents early in the second half when running back Brandon Deschamps shook all his opponents with a 44-yard run to the end zone.

Stunned, the Carabins have still not abandoned. Cousineau has regained his touch and the Blues have slowly taken the initiative in the game. Two other investment David Deschamps and spectacular reception Samuel Nadeau-Piuze by diving into the end zone helped to tie, 23-23 .

Just over 12 500 spectators attended the final of the Vanier Cup at the Stade Laval University, a good crowd in the circumstances. In 2013, more than 18,500 spectators had attended the Rouge et Or win against Calgary. The absence of local favorites has obviously had a negative effect on ticket sales, but the stands were almost full and the crowd encouraged both teams!

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