The CCIBFE honors the Gregory family

estelle-luc-lucieThe Chamber of Commerce and Bois-Francs / maple industry has inducted the family of Adrian Gregory and Carmen Isabelle rank builders in the region.

The entrepreneurial story of Gregory began in 1953 when Adrien acquired his first truck to start a business excavation. In the late 1960s, to provide work for many of his 12 children, he conducts an ambitious project to build a golf course near the 7th of Plessisville. It will become the Golf Club of Plessisville.

In 1985, Mr. Gregory gives A.Grégoire son and his children, which create two divisions. Over the years, the family has been the source of several companies, including Grayson and recycling Granutech.

Upon receiving the prestigious, four children of Mr. Gregory were still active and his grandchildren were increasingly likely to perpetuate the work of the family. Adrian Gregory died in 2011, he was 88 years old,

“We are very proud of this honor. It allowed us to plunge a little in the past to remind us of good times and we see all that has been accomplished over these years, “said Jacques Gregoire.

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