The CIA chief “shocked” by hacking her email

mardi-directeur-cia-john-brennanThe CIA director John Brennan said on Tuesday “shocked” and “concerned” by hacking personal emails and denied violating its security obligations.

The publication of certain personal emails could suggest “that I had done something wrong or inappropriate” in terms of security, but “it was certainly not the case,” he has said during a conference on Intelligence in Washington.

The organization WikiLeaks released last week several documents from the personal email account of John Brennan dated to between 2007 and 2009 before taking office at the top of the American intelligence agency.

On Tuesday, the CIA director gave no details of how hackers had accessed his personal email.

He limited himself to explain that although “a government official,” he had “as a family, friends, paying bills, things to do in everyday life.”

And “how to communicate today is through the internet,” he said.

He considered disproportionate media coverage of the case.

“Sometimes there is this thirst to make things sexier than they are and to inflate out of proportion,” he has said.

“This is to advertise a criminal activity and disseminate information which I think are inappropriate,” he has said.

WikiLeaks had posted such a short memo on Iran, with recommendations, addressed to then President-elect before taking office in January 2009.

Also found on its website two documents dated 2008 speaking of torture, including a copy of Law examined in the Senate and listing the prohibited practices such as waterboarding (waterboarding) or mock executions.

WikiLeaks has also posted a copy of a document of fifty pages supposed to have been completed by John Brennan in 2008, containing many personal details, while his background check process to be allowed to access information sensitive.

John Brennan CIA director since 2013.

The publication of his emails had occurred just days after a hacker posing as an American teenager had told the tabloid New York Post entering the CIA director inbox and standing over personal information.

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