The City says no to mini segways

1166041The appearance of many toy vehicles in recent years has led elected officials and the Police Service of Sherbrooke to question. Among others, the mini-Segways, also called hoverboards, are allowed on the traditional lanes?

“After the holidays, we have seen in several Christmas trees mini segways or hoverboards. These are species of skateboards activated by electric motors. Many asked the question, including the mayor, whether they are vehicles that can travel on sidewalks or bike paths. The case was brought to the public safety committee, “says Marc Denault, President of the Committee.

“As a result of the analysis that was carried out by the Police Service of Sherbrooke (SPS), is considered a skateboard. We ask users to go to the parks boards with wheels or in private places. On sidewalks, bike paths, multipurpose trails or urban walks, it’s not allowed, “he added.

The code for road safety prohibits the use on the road skates, skis, a skateboard or a toy vehicle.

The mini Segway can reach a speed of 15 km / h and can be dangerous for users and his entourage, argues the report by the SPS.

Réal Hétu, editor of the report, says having viewed several videos on YouTube. “I invite you to do the same,” he says elected officials. “You will be convinced as I need to prohibit the use of these devices for the safety of users, but also for all those who could find themselves in these devices.”

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