The club The Tempest continued for a golf bag misplaced $ 5,600

club-tempete-levis(Quebec) The insurance company sues a golfer against the club Lévis The Storm would have lost a golf bag worth more than $ 5,600.

Serge Dupont golfer this May 30, 2014 to the familiar terrain of Saint-Nicolas to practice his favorite sport. The party, however, is interrupted by a thunderstorm.

According to what we read in the lawsuit filed in Quebec Court, the golfer is forced to return to the clubhouse to leave his cart and put away his golf bag and that of his partner in the reserved storage space the corporate members.

The next day the servants of the golf club found the bag of the joint, but not that of Serge Dupont. Despite several checks, the expensive equipment would never have been found to date.

The golfer has since received a refund of $ 5,641 from his insurance company. The Ledor group initiates the lawsuit against the golf club, alleging that the company “has been negligent in the conduct of its storage service.”

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