The collection of compostable materials requested before 2020

-consultation-publiqueSome citizens would like the City of Saguenay Fjord and the MRC is actively faster to implement the collection of compostable materials before the 2020 deadline.

The commission to the public consultation on the waste management plan held Thursday night, his second and final session.

She was able to hear views on the importance of focusing on citizen action while focusing on awareness and education. There was even talk of more stringent measures for major events that generate large amounts of waste, including the category of putrescible.

The acceleration of deadlines, it will be difficult for the two municipal corporations to speed things up. The first phase should achieve further study on the entire deposit of waste, including those of institutional categories, commercial and industrial.

As for the big events, the Deputy Director General of Saguenay, Denis Simard, agreed that it will be in the order of things to impose one of these days the requirement to hold events “eco-responsible” more restrictive for developers.

Citizen Marie Laberge for his part proposed to the commission to seriously consider citizen participation with the removal at source of waste. She suggested that we accentuates all the composting component in the home and even the community composting. Denis Simard acknowledged that these solutions, which require awareness, environmental actions are even more important than the municipal composting since it eliminates the transportation of significant quantities of waste.

The citizen François Dupéré for his part reiterated the importance of providing the necessary means to enable good awareness on the concepts of recovery and management of various waste materials at home.

He pointed out to committee members that some people were still struggling to manage both trays currently deployed on the territory.


The only new question submitted as part of this consultation was the Saguenay Collective transition that questions the Committee on reflection surrounding the transformation of putrescible waste into biomethane. This avenue has been ruled by the working committee because of its cost and especially the markets for this production depending on the amount and profitability.

The Commission granted an additional period to citizens who wish to send a submission or questions. The final date was set for April 8.

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