Deaths in scuba diving in Cornwall

ohn-earle-ete-candidat-pourA local personality of Cornwall died after a scuba diving incident in the St. Lawrence River on Saturday night.

John Earle, a filmmaker Cornwall experienced diver, was drafted by the Cornwall Fire near Guindon Park on Saturday night after suffering a malaise.

According to the spokesman of the Cornwall Police, Constable Dan Cloutier, “medical situation” occurred while Mr. Earle was still in the waters of the river. Firefighters pulled him from the water, but it is still died shortly after.

John Earle was 43 years old. An investigation will determine the cause of death, but the constable already Cloutier says he is not a criminal nature incident.

The deceased was a well known personality in Cornwall, in the Seaway News. He produced several documentaries on marine life and was also involved in politics, representing the Ontario Liberal Party in the last provincial election.

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