The daughter of freed Maurice Boucher

alexandra-mongeauThe daughter of former chief warrior of the Hells Angels, Maurice Boucher, who was arrested together with his father in the Magot Mastiff-operation which police beheaded organized crime in Montreal three weeks ago, was conditionally released this morning, pending further proceedings.

Alexandra Mongeau, 25, was released upon a deposit of $ 10,000 and the commitment of a third of $ 20,000. It must in particular remain at his residence round the clock, seven days a week, except for the exceptions. She can not see his mother, Louise Mongeau, except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and aunt, the sister of Maurice Boucher. It can not communicate with his co-defendants and will refer to the SQ once a month.

Alexandra Mongeau is accused of conspiring with his father and the gang leader Gregory Woolley, killing the boss Raynald Desjardins, currently detained for the murder of the aspirant godfather Salvatore Montagna committed to Charlemagne in November 2011. During the Mastiff investigation, Ms. Mongeau went to see his father at Archambault Penitentiary and have been coded language in conversations with him in relation to the alleged plot. The young woman is also accused of receiving stolen goods.

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