The digital unfolds at Expo Quebec

jeune-megane-fillion-pruneau-avec(Quebec) While visitors to Expo Québec turn on the rides while others eat cotton candy, many are discovering the dark side of the digital industry in Quebec in Space NumériQc the trade show center.

This is a first at Expo Québec to present companies that develop software, games, animation, special effects for movies or TV shows, working or having fun with 3D printers and 3D scanners, even drones.

And even robots with Laval University students at the Robocup team will present its robots tomorrow. The group of students is working on engineering the production of robots that may one day play a soccer game.

Pierre-Luc Lachance, CEO of Digital Quebec, had this idea in mind how the Canadian Army was the effect with its presentations at Expo Québec. “Why not do like them and generate enthusiasm for the digital world in the same way? There are at least 300,000 visitors, it’s a great showcase for companies and their products, “he says.

The Raize Quebec group is on hand to talk about philanthropy movement and social consumption fostering linkages and collaboration between companies, organizations and population.

Enthusiasts La Ruche explain the operation of the crowdfunding platform that has enabled several projects to emerge because of donations from the public.

On the other side, the company is presenting its Novaxis Solutions platform for creating websites, WebSelf, sold in 125 countries, but not necessarily known to all Quebecers. “It’s accessible to everyone, even beginners, and every budget,” added Johanne Devin, the CEO of the company met on site.

Beenox, Ubisoft, Frima, Sarbakan, Ninedots Studio and others provided their games consoles and screens, tablets and phones so that visitors can touch the finger and see for themselves Québec productions we tore around the world.

La Planque, a video game trade which in nostalgia, brought old consoles that fans back in the past with fetish games like Super Mario Bros.

In this large space, the curious can see 3D printers Troadey company on and have a good idea of ​​how this new technology.

Fly a drone

A cage surrounded by a protective net catches the eye. Someone flying a drone to place it in hoops. The Sun tried his luck. Those who think that flying a drone gets a hand on the back will have a surprise. The device is sensitive to the slightest movement of the levers. You must have excellent coordination, good perception of the object in space to avoid a near fatal accident, as the reporter almost did. Sweetness and concentration, as does Jonathan Christmas, DroneXperts is the key with a sensitive and powerful device that drone.

Moreover, young readers will discover an interactive adventure of the company SAGA. The book tells the legend of Wuxia, a telepath fox, in a world run by robots that have prevented men to destroy everything. But humans do not dream, except a young girl, Aurénia. Wuxia and Aurénia will ally to find a way to give back to the whales sing capacity for humans to start dreaming again.

The book of this story comes with an iPad application and a voice recognition system that creates an animation on the tablet as and as the child reads the story aloud as did the young Mégane Fillion- Pruneau, with the support of Evelyne Drouin, SAGA, during passage of the sun. This is a preview, since the book and the application will be marketed in a month or two.

Between games and entertainment, there are many conferences on the digital world with experts of the game as the CEO of Frima, Steve Couture, or specialists like Beenox who will speak of the universe of game testers or yet on the world of TEDx with Denis François Gravel at 17:30 Saturday.

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