The documentary to make you want to change the world

festival-cinemaPending Raif is the working title of the documentary on which the filmmakers are working Patricio Henriquez and Luc Cote, for a little over a year. Meanwhile Raif, documentary filmmakers think seriously turn to go to Saudi Arabia, where Saudi blogger languishing for almost four years.

“We are thinking a lot, but we have no decision. The reality is that very little is known this country … We try to understand why things are a certain way. There is a story behind Saudi Arabia. It does not justify what is happening there, but there are a lot of nuances and sometimes the nuances are lost in the news, “said Patricio Henriquez, interviewed a few days early World Cinema Festival of Sherbrooke, where he will chair the jury.

So far, the duo of filmmakers could count on support from the CBC and the NFB. “We decided to turn ourselves. It is not great cameramen, but we can do it. We’ll have to submit a project for funding in production. ”

The family of the prisoner of conscience, his wife SCSTA Haidar and her three children, refugees in Sherbrooke, find themselves at the same time the main characters of the future film. The duo is interested in working behind the scenes and the wave of solidarity aroused by the blogger, imprisoned for his writings.

Devote themselves to human rights

A native of Chile, Patricio Henriquez immigrated to Canada in the 1970s after the overthrow of the Allende government. His filmography includes several documentaries, many of which have a common denominator: the issue of human rights.

His documentary Uighurs prisoners of absurdity won the award for best feature documentary at the Gala of Quebec cinema.

What part of the movie engaged in the fight for human rights?

” Huge. We do not change the world directly. What we can do is nurture debate. A documentary can live for years after it was made. We are often invited in small groups in a church basement or in a community hall. Sometimes, there are ten or fifteen. It is really important to us. It’s not huge, but they are citizens who say: ”? There is something that does not go in the world, what can we do to make a change ” It’s almost utopian, but if there is change, it comes from those people. I think we fed a little that it accompanies a movement, we accompany SCSTA who wants to change things … That’s the value we can lend us. ”

He says the documentary Do not Like the Truth – 4 days at Guantanamo led a click to a lady who had looked on Dutch television. After seeing the work of Omar Khadr, a former Canadian child soldier arrested in a battlefield in Afghanistan and imprisoned at Guantanamo, she decided to devote himself to his release.

The woman came with her son in Canada and visited him in the Kingston prison. It has launched a fundraising campaign to support Dennis Edney, one of the lawyers representing Omar Khadr.

“I’m not saying thanks to us: it is what makes this work there. But the trigger was the viewing of the documentary who hit her. If it comes to it with a person, it’s like justifying our use. It does not happen all the time, but occasionally, it happens … ”

All go in a movie

When he made a documentary, Patricio Henriquez is inhabited by one.

“Making a documentary is a lot of doubts, a lot. We reflect, we fall asleep with all that. It even live our dreams, especially when one is in construction period, a complicated period […] ”

“It’s a big puzzle, a documentary like this [Meanwhile Raif]. Initially, it was not much attention to the geopolitical context in which it is played. But the more we advance, the more one reads the analysis, the more one realizes that it is essential to get all this in a movie. ”

How could this solidarity wave breaks in the history of Raif Badawi while some cases leave them completely indifferent people like Omar Khadr fate seems to have left people indifferent?

“It’s a mystery to me,” replied bluntly the cofounder of the house of Macumba International Production, attempting an explanation with the viral effect of the web. He draws a parallel with the story of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground have been strong media attention, while other countries miners have experienced a similar situation without raising passions.

“The case of Raif has become global. Which is beautiful, and a little bit unfair because of Raif, there are others, but we do not know them. ”

What has not been said about Marine Le Pen

Even if he had less than a minute to speak at the Gala of Quebec cinema, documentary filmmaker Patricio Henriquez took the opportunity to denounce the words of the leader of the National Front, Marine Le Pen. But he had not told!

“What I have not had time to say is that, if the federal and provincial governments have taken position to offer refuge to Syrians, it is because there is a culture of opening in this country […] this popular culture in Quebec said yes to the Syrians. ”

The extreme right, he adds, is nourished by “the conviction of the supremacy of the white race.”

“For a supremacy, I think they are so afraid of the other. We do not talk to anyone, we close the doors, it is immured. That’s a reflex of fear, fear of the other. If that’s it, white supremacy, it is very weak! I thought it had to be said. I was expecting a positive response, but not to this extent.

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