The end for Cantonniers

temps-mettre-marcheThere will be no seventh game in the final of the Quebec Midget AAA League. Tightening their defense and advocating a style that few knew their Lions du Lac St-Louis got the better of Magog Cantonniers by 2-1 in overtime Friday. Lions get their hands on the Jimmy Ferrari-Cup in six games.

To appropriate the trophy, troopers Jon Goyens have therefore won their three games at home after removing the first meeting in Magog. Even if all the games have been hotly contested in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, the Lions never trailed in the score in front of their supporters.

Mathias Laferrière was the hero for the new champions by scoring the two goals of his own. In overtime, the powerful Laferrière shot left no chance to D’Orio. In the first twenty, he had hit the puck flight after stopping Alex D’Orio who was kneeling after making a first stop. Thereafter, the Lions were impeccable defensive until equalizer Sacha Roy late in the third period. Overexcited by this, Cantonniers had the best scoring chances in the minutes that followed.

Lions dominate

It was different at the start of the overtime period as the Lions have steadily invaded the territory of Magogois. Only the brilliance of D’Orio has prolonged the suspense. Cantonniers have still had their chances to end the game before the winning goal Laferrière. At one point it was thought that the puck had crossed the line behind the goalkeeper Sandro Silvestre, but officials have not heard well. Must say that a few minutes ago, it was the Lions who thought they had scored when the puck left off the post.

Potvin disappointed but proud

Felix Potvin was obviously inhabited by diametrically opposite feelings. “I am proud and disappointed, he expressed. The guys have worked so hard to get here. I do not want it to end here tonight. I wanted to see their season continue. It would have been so deserved. They believed in them. It’s unfortunate that they find themselves on the losing side. At the same time, they must realize that they have done this year is amazing. It’s painful now, but they can walk tall. ”
Cantonniers took time to start in this game played before 1,500 spectators. “We must take account of fatigue. They tried different games without getting the desired result. But they never let go. You saw it and again there is only one goal separating us, “said Potvin.

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