The end for Daniel Audette with the Phoenix?

-daniel-audetteDoes Daniel Audette Friday played his last game with the Sherbrooke Phoenix? Everything points to yes. The diminutive forward was assigned to St. Johns IceCaps Sunday by the Montreal Canadiens.

By having a contract in hand with the Montreal Canadiens, the small number of 28 Phoenix hope not to return to the Eastern Townships next season.

In fact, it is rare to see a player under contract to make a return in the QMJHL to 20 years. Especially if he is a member of the Montreal organization, because the Canadian has shown in the past that he normally prefers to keep his hopes with him at that age.

“It depends on how it’s going to go to the next camp, says one who was selected in the fifth round by the CH in 2014. My goal is to stay high next year, but it remains to be seen again. I will work hard to achieve this by focusing on it this summer, “he said before receiving the call from IceCaps.

“Daniel is under contract with the Montreal Canadiens and we do not know what will happen, summarizes the general manager of the Phoenix, Jocelyn Thibault. It is a bit early to assume things. Regardless of what happens with Daniel, there will be a different Phoenix next season, that’s for sure. ”

If Daniel Audette refuses to assume his debut with the Habs farm team, the principal party talks still as a player who does not intend to put on the blue uniform and cream again, up to make a return on his four years with the Phoenix.

A different guy

“I learned a lot in Sherbrooke, says the first member in the history of Birds. QMJHL, it changes a guy. Just the fact of leaving home at 16, that changes everything. During the last four years, I watched the older work and I think I have progressed considerably. My coaches have helped me as much as the organization in general. ”

In four years, Audette has never reached the second round of the playoffs. Even this year, when all hopes were early in the season.

“I do not know if the pressure has complicated our season, but a tough start to the year was known and was not replaced, Audette answers about the favorite status granted to his club during the first days of camp drive. Numerous injuries have certainly not helped. I think everyone has recovered well in the playoffs. All the guys are obviously sad that it has already ended this year. We really wanted to win the fifth game to return to Sherbrooke Sunday (yesterday), but we have not succeeded even if we gave everything. At least there are positive for next year. ”

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