The end of an institution

novembre-1986-boutiqueAn institution of the retail trade in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the Lance et Compte Source For Sports store has officially closed its doors Monday morning. Ownership of Sylvain and Pierre Côté brothers, she would have celebrated his 30th birthday in November.

Since opening in November 1986, the store located on Des Champs-Elysees in Chicoutimi had made his specialty hockey. Over the years, it had expanded its activities, including turning to the field of golf. She had opened new larger premises in 2009.

“Trade is difficult for everyone, says Sylvain Cote. We get a ” show ” La Source du Sport. This chain has 190 stores. The big boss arrived in front of everyone and asked how many stores have increased their sales during the past year. There is not one.

“In the region, some businesses have been 30 years in the area where we were present. At my age, it is clear that I did not do even ten years. We had an offer to sell the store, but it was best not to accept it. This is unfortunate, but there was no other solution. ”

The spell is coming off the Lance et Compte shop is the result of a situation that many live retail trade enterprises. Competition is increasingly fierce and she especially knows no borders.

“In hockey, businesses like ours are still somewhat protected Internet says Sylvain Côté. The guy who brought a pair of $ 600 shoes on the Internet can not return it if it hurts to walk. By cons, it is a real madness in the hockey stick. Anyone that sells $ 125. Guys buy one does not know where and they ask us a guarantee because they have broken after two weeks …

“In our case, you could not be enough just by selling hockey. Despite this, it was still selling hockey. It still represented our big turnover. But with no items such as clothing or shoes, it was more difficult. It’s the golf that has made us the most trouble. ”

In this regard, Sylvain Côté recalled that the outside firms in the region specializing in golf equipment who settle for a few days in a mall cause significant damage to traders who officially storefront. His brother Peter had also made a public appearance to denounce route salespeople, in December 2015.

“These unfortunate birds hurt to all traders in the region,” he argues.

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