The escape from the prison of Saint-Jerome helicopter will undergo a psychiatric assessment

benjamin-hudon-barbeauBenjamin Hudon-Barbeau, whose dramatic escape attempt from the prison of Saint-Jérôme helicopter in March 2013 had been around the world, will be evaluated at the Philippe Pinel Institute to determine his fitness to stand trial in a lawsuit .

Hudon-Barbeau, who has just celebrated its 39 years, appeared very thin and decreased in the enclosure reserved for defendants this morning at the courthouse in Montreal. He never looked down the hall and spent part of his hearing to fix the floor, coughing and having difficulty breathing.

Hudon-Barbeau and his co-defendants must in principle have their trial for the helicopter escape attempt in January, at the courthouse in St. Jerome. The trial, held before a jury in the Superior Court, could last four months. But his lawyer, Francis Cloutier, and vis-a-vis the prosecution, moreover, Mr. Steve Baribeau, doubt that the accused is able to follow the proceedings against him.

“Both mentally and physically, my client is in a more precarious state. And I do not have the opportunity to interact with him to adequately prepare his case, “said the lawyer, at the same time deploring the conditions of detention of Hudon-Barbeau who is in solitary confinement since his escape attempt failed.

My Baribeau Cloutier and asked the judge Jerry Zigman of the Superior Court for an order sending Hudon-Barbeau at Pinel for an evaluation, which the magistrate granted. This is the fourth time that the accused is the subject of such an order, but it will be the second time he will undergo evaluation.


At the hearing, the two lawyers have even reported a post-traumatic shock from a detention of six and a half years after his arrest for a double murder committed in Upper Club bar in the Rue St. Laurent in October 2006.

Hudon-Barbeau was first convicted in that case before being acquitted by the Court of Appeal in 2012. He also continues the state for $ 25 million for this imprisonment he described as “unjustified” .

“When he came out, he was in a fragile state that should have been treated. He suffered from post-traumatic shock and delusions of persecution, “said Mr. Cloutier.

Shortly after his release, two murders and three attempted murders were committed in weeks in the Laurentians in autumn 2012.

Following an investigation by the Surete du Quebec, Hudon-Barbeau and a Ryan Wolfson, 44, were arrested in connection with this series of crimes for which the 39 year old is also awaiting trial.

Hudon-Barbeau has already been considered by the police as a relationship of the Hells Angels who could climb the ranks of the organization, but there would be more links between him and the group of bikers today.

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