The european farmers angry

fermiers-provenant-28-pays-unionThousands of european farmers are under siege Monday, the heart of the european Union, in Brussels, to demand higher prices for their milk and their meat.

The european Commission has responded by announcing a program using a value of 500 million euros.

Farmers from 28 countries of the european Union have launched eggs, and straw, to the police, who retaliated with water cannons.

In a building nearby, the vice-president of the european Commission, Jyrki Katainen, has announced the support programme, which aims to immediately relieve the debt burden of farmers.

The farmers say that the price of milk is dropping 30 or 40 percent since the beginning of the year, which drives them into some producers to bankruptcy. Other claim that they need to sell their products at a loss.

The market suffers from a supply too large since a quota system was abolished earlier this year.

Some of the farmers are demanding the return of production quotas or direct assistance from governments to pay their bills.

Mr Katainen said that measures will be taken soon to stabilize the volatile markets and protect farmers in framing better supply chains.

Approximately 6000 farmers marched in the streets of Brussels and approximately 2,000 tractors have paralyzed traffic in the city.

The farmers also denounce the cheap products that are imported from outside the EU.

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