The “exodus” of migrants to Europe overwhelms the island of Lesbos

mardi-30-000-migrants-trouvaientNow called an “exodus” by European leaders, the flow of migrants seeking at all costs to join the European Union Tuesday overwhelmed the small Greek island of Lesbos, where 20 000 candidates crowded into exile.

Germany remains the dream destination of most of them, a choice that should be further strengthened by the Vice-Chancellor statements and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who said that his country is able to accommodate half -million refugees per year in the medium term.

The European Council President Donald Tusk predicted that this “exodus” to Europe was likely to last “for years”.

Tuesday, 30 000 migrants were on the Greek islands, according to the High Commissioner for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Considered one of the gates of entry to the promised European Land, the island of Lesbos welcomed 20,000 alone, a quarter of its normal population, and that of 4500 Kos.

Lesbos is “on the brink of explosion,” warned the Greek Minister of Migration Policy, Iannis Mouzalas.

Monday night, police had them bring plastic shields and batons to make boarding a ferry chartered by the authorities to transport the migrants arrived from Turkey to the Greek mainland.

Distributed blows, crying children, exhausted crowds the ferry had to quickly shut down to prevent a riot.

“Not seen the first euro”

On Tuesday, the mayor of Lesbos Spyros Galinos was a little more confident: “the situation is improving, instead of a new emergency recording is in service,” he told a reporter of the AFP.

Christiana Kallogirou, Governor of the North Aegean region, however, urged the EU to expedite the payment of the aid promised to Greece, Lesbos not having in her “not seen the first euro” for now.

Tuesday, four ferries were scheduled to evacuate migrants from Lesbos to the mainland.

At the northern border of Greece, which allows migrants to move to Macedonia on the road to Germany, the situation was calm on Tuesday morning, after tensions yesterday. According to UNHCR, 7,000 people went to Macedonia on Monday.

Tuesday, small groups of a few dozen people went smoothly, noted AFP.

Greek police seems to have taken the party to identify a person by English speaking group, which brings together the papers of his comrades, and is assigned a number. When that number is called, is all that passes the group.

“A chance”

Germany, which expects 800,000 asylum applications this year saw the arrival of about 6,000 people since Monday, in addition to 20,000 weekend.

The German Minister Wolfgang Schäuble Finance said in a speech to the Bundestag that the influx of migrants is “an existential test for Germany and for Europe, the biggest challenge for a long time,” but also “a chance “.

“I think we can certainly handle a figure of the order of half a million (of refugees per year) for several years (…) maybe even more,” said his side the Social démocate Sigmar Gabriel .

In the UK, an emergency debate be held on Tuesday in the House of Commons, at the request of the opposition who believes the country could do better than the home of 20,000 Syrians 2020 propose Monday.

France accepted his side to welcome 24 000 refugees in the next two years. Federica Mogherini, head of European diplomacy, has welcomed the decision of Paris and called on all EU members to act “with the same courage.”

Across the Atlantic, Venezuela, Brazil, Quebec – who did not wait for the opinion of the Canadian federal government – have already declared their readiness to receive migrants.

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