The factory burned down: Rotobec see the damage

vie-reprenait-tranquillement-cours-mercredi(Quebec) To the company’s factory Rotobec, at Sainte-Justine, in the region of Bellechasse, life returned quietly to his course, on Wednesday, the day after a major fire caused by a gas leak.

“The damages are serious enough”, noted Robert Bouchard, the president of the company specialized in manufacturing accessories for handling, in particular for the forestry sector. “For the moment, we do not yet know the value of the damage caused by the fire,” he explained noting that the 354 employees were fortunately unharmed.

Explaining that the fire was in the centre of the plant, Robert Bouchard indicates that the company is to establish, with experts in disaster, a security perimeter so that the resumption of the activities can be done without any danger to the workers.

Rotobec hope to be able to resume production during the course of the next week, once the cleanup has been completed. In the opinion of Robert Bouchard, it will take two to three months before production is resumed cruising speed. The company was busy on Wednesday to reach its clients scattered in a score of countries around the world to inform them of the situation.

To compensate for the slowdown in production, Rotobec intends to use sub-contractors. “We will deploy our teams in other factories in the region,” said Mr. Bouchard.

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