The family of a Canadian killed in Florida will receive $ 40,000 from 9-1-1

The family of a Canadian university professor shot and killed in 2014 in his garage in Florida will receive $ 40,000 in compensation from the responsible local agency call 9-1-1.

This agency for the counties of Tallahassee and Leon agreed Monday to pay the money to the heirs of Daniel Markel, born in Toronto and a law professor known in the international legal community. The agency acknowledged that “human and technical errors” had slowed the arrival on the scene, following a 911 call housed by a neighbor.

Markel taught law at Florida State University. Authorities believe that the teacher was shot dead by hired killers after an acrimonious divorce. His ex-wife, Wendi Adelson, denied any responsibility in this case and has never been accused of anything.

The day of the shooting, a dispatcher 9-1-1 did not immediately alerted the police to prevent Mr. Markel had been shot dead, which may explain the longer response time of the police and ambulance.

Under the agreement approved Monday, a sum will be reserved for possibly pay an annuity to both boys Markel.

Sigfredo Garcia and Luis Rivera were accused of the murder of Mr. Markel, and must stand trial in November. Prosecutors said they would demand the death penalty in force in Florida. The authorities also indicated that further arrests are expected in this case.

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