The Festival of New France at Artillery Park for their 20 years

fetes-nouvelle-france-demenagees-place(Quebec) For 20 years, the organization of Festivals of New France will pay a big move. The festival begins Wednesday night went from Place Royale in Old Port at Artillery Park, close to the Rue Saint-Jean, fairly smoothly.

“One is installed and all is well. We have a little less space than last year, so we used the docks near the river, but using the beautiful grassed bearings, so that it is able to deploy all our activities without problems ” expresses Gisele Bourdeau, president of the holiday season.

The challenge now is to attract residents of Quebec and tourists in this little-known park, located south of the Saint-Jean, close to Place Youville. “There will be entertainment on the rue Saint-Jean to invite people to come down and see us. In collaboration with merchants of the rue Saint-Jean, we implemented a strategy to direct the festival, “says Ms. Bourdeau.

For the organization, this forced move is an opportunity to discover another corner rich history of the city. The Festival of New France have agreed with Parks Canada and the Commission of the National Capital to organize continuous visits of the Dauphine Redoubt and the New Barracks, two adjacent historic buildings at Artillery Park, is part of the National historic Site Fortifications of Quebec.

The different historical conferences also give in a shell shop, a place that had never been opened to the public.

The Festival of New France had to migrate uptown this summer due to the development work instead of the Boating Party. Place Royale and Place de Paris, which was his usual quarters for 19 years have been turned into parking lots during construction.


The 20 are Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France chose to pay tribute to the cultural diversity of yesteryear. Far from being entirely white and French, New France was also populated by Native Americans, Irish, Scottish and even Africans.

“We want people to realize how people’s lives at the time was colored by contact between different cultures,” says Ms. Bourdeau. For example, the Huron-Wendat will discover their culture in an aboriginal site of their own, there will be four different military camps and hip-hop artist Webster will give a lecture on Africans and slavery at the time of the New La France.

Day of Francophonie is held Friday, August 5, while a host of Acadian artists will follow one another on stage, including Edgar Joseph, Annie Blanchard and Arthur Comeau.

The holidays are to attract more young people to the site with musical performances every night. After the wheelbarrow race through the streets of Old Quebec, this past weekend, the holidays come back with a 100% settler activity, the contest largest Corn eater. The winner will walk away with a golden spike.

“We want to attract customers who do not necessarily want to dress, but who likes to discover and celebrate,” says Ms. Bourdeau. As a novelty on Sunday, the Festival of New France offer a competitive strongman, who will report vintage challenges, such as lifting logs, Atlas stones or walking the farmer.

Want to go?
Wednesday, August 3

16h Grand old barbecue

19h Opening Parade (on Grande Allee)

9:45 p.m. Spectacle of The Flight of Beavers


wheat eaters challenge India 100% colon (Saturday, August 6, 2:15 p.m.)

strength demonstrations inspired by events of the pioneers (Sunday, August 7, 14h)

Site Admission: $ 12 (official medallion)

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