The field advantage at the World Series will no longer be determined by the result of the All-Star Game

01cf30a8-19f6-4937-a5d7-d6b2548b148a_jdx-no-ratio_webThe game of the stars of the major baseball has lost a bit of its luster. According to information obtained by the Associated Press, the new collective agreement initialed by MLB leaders and players no longer plans to allocate the field advantage during the World Series to the league that wins the all-star game.
The advantage of the field will rather be attributed to the team that presented the best record during the regular season.
This news was confirmed earlier this morning by journalist MLB Network and Fox Sports Jon Morosi.

It was in 2003 that Major League Baseball introduced rules that allowed the league that won the All-Star Game to win the field advantage in the World Series.
The previous year, the match ended in a null verdict as both teams had exhausted the number of pitchers put at their disposal.
The 2017 All-Star Game will be held at the Marlins Park in Miami.

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