The flaneur Metro Belvedere Street was arrested

1162381The suspect of a robbery at the Subway Belvedere Street South was quickly overtaken by the Police Service of Sherbrooke after the dissemination of research notice published Wednesday.

The individual who strolled about 45 minutes in the corridors of trade before making an attempted robbery.

The man about 40 years old was picked up for several minutes by the establishment of surveillance cameras. That’s when he went to the body that the suspect has attracted the attention of facility employees 18 to 45 pm, Monday, March 21. After submitting an article to the cashier, he asked for the contents of the cash drawer whispering.

The suspect was spotted by patrol SPS street Courcelette to 16 pm Wednesday afternoon.

“The suspect was wearing the same coat than the picture we aired. During interrogation, he confessed to the theft, “says the spokesman of the SPS, Martin Carrier.

The man of 36 years is well known to police.

Criminal charges should be brought against him.

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