The Flash, The Movie: A Cameo of a Suicide Squad Member Expected?

the-flash-the-flash-le-film-rick-famuyiwaAfter a brief cameo in Suicide Squad, could the superhero in his solo film host a super-villain?
In Suicide Squad, the fastest superhero on Earth made a brief appearance through a video sequence filmed by a surveillance camera. It showed Captain Boomrang in full turn of jewelry, embarked by a flash red, The Flash. Good news, for a few weeks the scene is finally available on the Web! We discover our superhero who seems in good shape, enjoy the capture of the villain. After this incursion into Suicide Squad, some would see the super-villain do the same! Although the priority is to find the ideal director for The Flash, the film, it is not forbidden to cast speculation about the casting until things unblock. But why such an idea?

Everything started from several shots noticed by the fans. Not long ago, the very committed actor Ezra Miller participated in a demonstration in the Dakota against the construction of a pipeline on a sacred land of the Americans. It is the outfit of the young man who particularly marked the Net surfers, Ezra Miller seemed to carry the total look of Captain Boomrang in Suicide Squad! Long coat and bonnet screwed on the skull, some fans saw a possible wink regarding the film The Flash. Could the enemy of Barry Allen make an appearance there? Everything is possible, no scenario having leaked and The Flash being responsible for the imprisonment of the super villain. Even if this idea pleases us, it would still be strange that the actor takes advantage of a demonstration to tease this … While waiting to learn more discover the version of Barry Allen that Ezra Miller wants to see in the film The Flash. Do you think this possible cameo?

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