The French of future teachers raises passions

cabinet-francois-blais-ministre-education(Quebec) The Superior Council of French emotive! More calmly, saying that his view that French training of future teachers is deficient, like that lavished schoolchildren, raises many reactions, from the minister’s office into the classroom.

The Council’s opinion
The level reached by the masters in French is insufficient, advance the president of the Higher Council of the French language (CSLF), Conrad Ouellon. As a direct result, he said, students do not reach all the language knowledge of the threshold to ensure academic success, to exercise full citizenship, enter the labor market.

In the report, which echoed Le Soleil Friday, the Council argues that only the best candidates should be able to become teachers. It also calls for a strengthening of the academic program of teachers who are under-educated in French.

The CSLF also offers a reinvestment in schools, especially at the beginning of schooling of the children, to support teachers identify student difficulties, ensure that all young people the best possible start by mastering French.

“There is room for improvement”
“There is room for improvement.” In the cabinet of François Blais, Minister of Education, also assesses that future teachers do not reach a high enough level of knowledge of French during their training notes the press officer Julie White. “We are already committed to various measures to improve the quality of French [teachers],” she said.

The option of the quota of the academic program “to make sure to pick the best candidates” would be in the study with the faculties. “The formula to be determined, it is under discussion.” An additional French exam could also be imposed before entering the program.

The other recommendations of the CSLF, including reinvestment in schools to provide specialized services to students, Ms. White refrains: “We will analyze the recommendations.”

The “huge gaps”
Before becoming a politician, Jean-François Roberge, spokesperson for the Coalition future Quebec (CAQ) in education was an elementary school teacher. For ten years he hosted academic trainees in his class to complete their training. Gaps in French, he has seen in some future teachers. Not all.

He recalls one case, a student who went to the end of the course to become a teacher … “Trainees have failed. I could not afford to let this go, to send people who lack fluency in French to teach for 30 years. I did not understand how that person with so many difficulties, be admitted to a faculty of education. The gaps were huge. ”

Roberge MP took the opportunity to attack the government, criticizing the minister long in support teachers, which would cut budgets for hiring specialists in schools, which would value the profession is not enough to attract the best candidates. “The government is in the process of deteriorating teaching conditions, wage conditions. […] I hope the government, failing to listen to the opposition parties, will listen to the Higher Council of the French language. ”

“Lack of resources, lack of funding”
“Yes, there are gaps in the system; the biggest shortcomings are lack of resources, lack of funding, to support our future world. “But the network of education in Quebec is one of the best in the world, tempers the president of the FSE-CSQ, Josée Scalabrini .

Also, before asserting that teacher training is deficient as advance the Higher Council of the French language, we should sit down and evaluate the curriculum. Ms. Scalabrini says that teachers are prepared to participate in a comprehensive review, including reflection on the quota of teaching and redesign their training faculties.

Ms. Scalabrini should nevertheless that some teachers do not master completely the language of instruction: “Do we have teachers who still have problems in French? Yes, like anyone in our society. “They will need a” support “.

“No, it’s not true that we have incompetent teachers,” she tranche. “We lack of resources in our schools,” she insists. This would limit the ability of the teacher to do his job, to rescue the students.

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