The frisky Cowboys could smash record

The International Festival of Rhythms of the World (FIRM) takes off Wednesday night with the show frisky Cowboys at the corner of Racine streets Begin in downtown Chicoutimi at 21.30, which could shatter a record attendance if Based on previous passages of the Quebec group.

“With them, you can not go wrong. We made a gift to the people. They came in 2010 and 2013, and the last time was the biggest crowd ever recorded at the festival since its inception in 2003, assures the promoter Robert Hakim. It will fill the Racine Street. Exceptionally, we will also install a giant screen on the side of the street Bégin, so people standing of this angle can also see the free show. ”

As novelty, the shows held on the stage at the corner of Racine and Labrecque streets will be projected on a screen at the other end, and vice versa. There will be simulcast. “One of the criticisms that had often is that there are so many people on the street that you can not cross to attend another show when one is presented before the other, to other end. This year we tried it for people to see everything, “said Robert Hakim. There will therefore generally three performances per evening instead of four.

The organizer is aware that with a 14th edition concentrated in four days, instead of six days over two weeks, it will not be possible to reach a total of 200,000 visitors as in years past. Rather, it is a “very reasonable” number of 100,000 entries. “You can see in polls that it is the locals who come more often. As we are not in the construction holiday, they will not be on the outside and can enjoy. several activities were kept in boxes for a 15th anniversary worthy of the name, such as street arts, procession or family area on the port area, but that does not stop us from having one of the finest programming. ”

With The Cat Empire on Thursday, Ariane Moffatt, Friday and musicians Belle et Bum Saturday says Robert Hakim never have been so many major shows in an edition of artists’ cachet quite high. ” “The Cat Empire is a very good decision. The group is a super star in Australia, like Celine Dion here. They fill stadiums. People will make an extraordinary discovery. ”

World music is no exception, with The Cuban Martinez Show, Samito, Elage Diouf and Rookierook & Company. Exhibitors are on the site from 16h Wednesday and at noon for the following days.

Since its founding, the FIRM has generated direct benefits of $ 64.8 million, assures Robert Hakim. “It is a tourism engine and we want it the rest long.”

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