The future of building passes through the BIM

principe-bim-building-information(Quebec) Is your project designed in BIM process? If you have not heard of this method, it will come quickly, as is the future in the world of large and small construction projects.

A striking example in Quebec, it is the project of the amphitheater, which was designed according to the Building Information Modeling process meaning, commonly used in English or digital model of the building, in French.

This digital model includes all the technical information required for the realization of the construction project, its management, its expansion, even its demolition, instead of plans based on each trades that must intervene.

Moreover, this process requires that everyone around the table is working to eliminate any inconsistencies and difficulties before giving the first sod for foundations whatsoever owners and building managers, architects, engineers, contractors of all trades having to work in the building.

Thus, the plumber can not tell the electrician or mechanical engineer of the building he can not spend his pipe in one place because there is an unavoidable constraint. Everything is seen, planned and adjusted in advance so that the site runs smoothly.

“It avoids the constraints, since everything is analyzed on the digital model. The patches will be updated on the model for everyone at the same time. This eliminates wasted time, reduces material losses in a fully transparent process, “says Jean-François Lapointe, Head of BIM Training Service Department at Cégep Limoilou companies. “It’s more than just a process of organization, he admits, it is a work philosophy. Everyone must speak and act together. ”

CEGEP instigated the project and partnered with the Cégep du Vieux Montreal so that both institutions can provide training in four modules to obtain the Level 1 certification from the Canadian Council for building modeling.

“We made agreement to translate the documentation of the AGC of America, an association of US contractors. And we have exclusivity for the French-speaking part of the training, “adds Mr. Lapointe.


Between the hand drawing sheet, the plans made with AutoCAD software type and BIM, all who use modeling agree that there are time savings, less material loss while respecting timelines and budgets. There is no longer, or hardly ever, of “extra” for the unexpected. This was the case with the Quebec City arena. By cons, coordination before launching the site is more important than ever.

Contrary to what happens in Europe and the US, where governments have imposed the BIM process in Quebec, it is the construction industry that pushes the use of this method.

More so, if the reflection is very advanced on the subject in France, the practice is not. Thus, a group of Paris contacted officials Cégep Limoilou who organized a first cohort of training in June.

Modules for construction professionals are taught in one day at a time and the cost is $ 495 each.

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