The ghost, a force of nature *** 1/2

leonardo-dicaprio-ne-gagne-pas(Quebec) CRITICAL / One of the most anticipated films of 2015 ultimately took the poster in 2016. And the wait was worth it.

The ghost (The Revenant) proves an intense and brilliant exercise in cinematic style that will certainly get several Oscar nominations next Thursday, including one for Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor delivers breakthrough performance in the skin of an (over) man able to overcome the worst hardships and suffering wreak vengeance …

The fabulous Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (21 Grams), his first feature film with the classic ghost. The western part of the book adapted from Michael Punke on Hugh Glass mishaps taking place in Montana in 1823.

The experienced trapper (DiCaprio) and his son Métis guide a company in search of beaver pelts. Attacked by Arikara and suffering heavy casualties – the stage of raw violence, is filmed in spectacular signatures clips – the band goes into the forest. In parallel, the Indians traded the stolen skins to fur traders led by Toussaint Charbonneau and his interpreter (short for Emmanuel Bilodeau role).

Later, Glass is attacked and nearly dismembered by a Grizzly mother, a sequence of a terrifying realism. The trapper was left for dead after a fatal incident Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), a rapacious and greedy adventurer. The film is based on the opposition between the two protagonists. Glass is a force of nature in pure heart, Fitzgerald, a black soul – but each bears the stigma of the past that explain their motivations.

In this fight against the savage and cruel nature, the two men are engaged in a bloody chase over hundreds of kilometers which is highlighted the triumph of the will and strength of filial ties. Glass turns a wounded animal – throat half open, he growls half Feature Film – able to endure a hassle.

In this regard, Inarritu continues to add more for reasons that have more to my face as the dramatic progression, sometimes causing dropouts in a film that nevertheless bank to our seat. There is also the complacency in the excessive length of this narrative that the US-Mexico director wanted epic without totally happen.

Still, it turns out – again – a filmmaker with a vision and extraordinary execution, as for example in the choice of his camera that makes melee with Glass in its beautiful shots of landscapes.

Shot in natural light

Inarritu can count on the help of his compatriot Emmanuel Lubezki, the usual collaborator of Alfonso Cuarón. Cinematographer Oscar winner for Gravity (Cuarón) and Birdman (Iñárritu) could make a tour of consecutive hat for his splendid work on this work without compromise tour in daylight and ambient sound (with the dense music Ryuichi Sakamoto overhang) .

The heavy breathing Glass also serves as a sound motto. This is almost the essence of what comes out of the mouth of DiCaprio, who has very little dialogue. Gross presence is all the more eloquent. If he does not win the Oscar for best actor with the physical prowess while interiority and silent fury, it will be a real flight.

In the back, Iñárritu abandoned complex narrative structures of his first films by offering only a few linear narrative interspersed flashbacks and dream sequences mysticism beautiful prints. It explores, in the background, questions of faith, human nature and morality that do not interfere with the action, but gives a wider dimension to the subject.

The director of Amores perros has always been somewhat sensationalized the violence, and we must have the faint of heart to the back. It is nevertheless a very good film, nominated for best film, director and actor at the Golden Globes and BAFTA (the British equivalent of the Oscars). When I told you that the wait was worth it …

Trailer for “The ghost”

Rating: *** 1/2
Title: The ghost
Genre: Western
Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Will Poulter
Rating: 13 years and over
Duration: 2:36
We like: the beautiful cinematography, the incredible mastery of the embodiment, the astounding feat of DiCaprio
We do not like: length, exaggerations in the scenario

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