The good tax affairs of Cristiano Ronaldo in Ireland

f1841Cristiano Ronaldo has used an Irish company, Multisports & Image Management (MIM), to sign its advertising contracts with major brands such as Nike, Unilever, KFC, Konami or Toyota Thailand, Confidencial, based on Football Leaks documents.

Ireland is the euro zone country with the lowest corporate tax (12.5%), while Cristiano Ronaldo would have had to pay 43.5% tax on the contracts in question in Spain, according to The estimates of El Confidencial. Football Leaks, a site specializing in the publication of confidential documents on the economy of football, had already revealed in 2015 the existence of advertising contracts and promotional events signed by Cristiano Ronaldo through MIM, while the Portuguese newspaper Correo Of Manha evoked the same year a similar contract with the bank Banco Espirito Santo.

Cristiano Ronaldo “is aware of all his tax obligations since the beginning of his career, as can be witnessed by the Spanish tax authorities, and this in all the countries where he resided,” said a spokesman for the star of Real Madrid To El Confidencial, saying that the player “never had any problem with the tax authorities” and that all his rights “were managed according to the legislation in force.”

The management of image rights through companies based abroad has become a common practice in football. The tax authorities are very attentive as shown by the recent condemnations of Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano.

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