The Green Party is recruiting the youngest candidate, who turns 18 October 19

voir-parti-implique-autant-environnementCasandra Poitras wish to receive a birthday present to say the least especially on her birthday, October 19: a seat in Parliament in Ottawa.

The Green Party candidate, who is running in the riding of Longueuil-Saint-Hubert, recognizes that his chances are low, but she agrees to take the risk.

“I know that [snaps] not whether a Green candidate in my [riding] but I tell myself what I have to lose? If I do not try, we will not know, “said the young woman, brimming with confidence, in an interview with The Canadian Press. His riding is currently owned by New Democrat Pierre Nantel, who won the last elections with over 51% of votes.

She added that she hoped to destroy the “myth” that youth are not interested in politics. “I want to prove (…) that young people are ready to get involved because it is their future. Young people have ideas, but sometimes it was difficult to be heard, “she has said.

Despite her young age, she says her parents supported “110%” in his choice. “My parents are extremely proud of the reason why I want to get involved and above all they are really happy to trust the party to the next generation of Quebec youth,” she said.

Ms. Poitras describes himself as a “strong head” who always wore causes large and small. For example, in school management wanted to change the program and she had objected.

That’s when she worked in the team of the environmentalist Daniel Green – the vice president of the party – she developed an interest in politics. She then discovered many affinities with the Green Party.

“To see a party that involves both environment and nature as such, it touched me to the heart,” she began.

Ms. Poitras said he saw very young by his father, a worker of the construction industry, which had revealed the existence of a hole in the ozone layer. “One day I realized that humans had [a role] in the development of the environment and global warming,” she recounted.

The tragedy of Lac-Mégantic was also much shaken because the event occurred “in [her] country in [the] province.” “I find it really unfortunate because we could have probably avoided this disaster if we had taken better care of railway rails (…) It is not normal that it happens again in 2015, it seems we supposed to take means, “she pleaded.

Daniel Green, who presents himself for the first time in the Montreal riding of Ville-Marie-Le Sud-Ouest-Île-des-Soeurs, says he was impressed by the maturity and knowledge of Ms. Poitras issues.

“I did not choose Casandra. Casandra has chosen us, “he said in an interview at his campaign office. Casandra Poitras first had to volunteer, “but decided to do better and to be a candidate,” he added.

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