The Green Party launches hostilities against Steven Blaney

elizabeth-may-levis-bellechasse-etcheminsMinister Steven Blaney is far from entrenched since people now identify with the controversial anti-terrorism bill C-51, says the Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

Green Thursday officially launched their offensive in the riding of Bellechasse-Lévis Etchemins that wants to represent the environmentalist André Bélisle.

“It is a great challenge, of course, because as Minister Blaney has a lot of support,” acknowledged Ms May when asked what were the chances of success of his protégé.

“But unfortunately, Mr. Blaney is known now as the Minister of Bill C-51,” she continued in a telephone interview with The Canadian Press.

For his part, Andre Belisle focused his attacks on the Conservative government’s inaction in the Davie shipyard file, which inherited a contract last Tuesday of Ottawa $ 16 million for the modernization of the icebreaker Henry Larsen .

“These are ‘peanuts’ compared to the amounts of billions of dollars invested in Vancouver and Halifax, and it is an electoral candy that does not meet the security needs for the St. Lawrence River,” a-t- He denounces.

He also took the opportunity to accuse the Conservatives their carelessness in regard to maritime safety in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

According to him, if a spill of oil or other hazardous material occurred there in winter or in bad weather, Canada does not have the necessary resources to respond quickly and effectively.

“The Harper government bears the responsibility since it proves totally indifferent to this situation in Quebec,” commented Mr. Belisle.

Breakthrough in Quebec

The Green Party of Canada, which has never elected MP in Quebec, hopes to achieve a breakthrough in elections scheduled this fall with the debut of leading candidates as environmentalists André Bélisle and Daniel Green and the actor Jici Lauzon.

The one who holds the reins of the training itself “really optimistic” to achieve finally defending the values ​​and interests dear to Quebecers. The opposition to the Energy East pipeline project, for example, could help score points, said Ms. May.

“We are the only national party that was against these efforts to see pipelines the oil sands to be transported to the Atlantic coast,” she explained.

“It is clear that Quebecers are against East Energy. We are the only party except the Bloc Québécois to be against, but the Bloc has no candidates in other parts of Canada, “added Ms. May.

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