The Groupe Laroche project is no consensus in Brompton

deplore-quon-veuilleThe project led by the Groupe Laroche build some shops and hundreds of homes at the entrance of Brompton feeds the debate within the community of the district. They were over sixty on Tuesday to participate in a public consultation on the subject without it being possible to draw clear conclusions. At the very least, a wave of opposition was heard.

Said consultation covered a portion of the project, that of allowing a zoning change on a strip of land 75 meters deep along the Laval Street, across the street SMEs. Y are projected a Tim Hortons, a convenience store, car wash and two commercial buildings. The residential sector projected behind the shops, on the grounds of the Sacred Heart Brothers, was not the subject of the consultation, since a change in the development plan must be approved by Ministry of Municipal Affairs before to proceed.

This grade has sown confusion, Eric Laroche promoter having admitted that the two projects were related: citizens established in the residential development will help to live new businesses. “The reason why the service station located on these lands is closed, it is because the market potential is not good enough. Survival investors for new businesses, it takes residential, “said Mr. Laroche.

And that’s where the rub for many citizens who want to protect the forest while encouraging the arrival shops. “Why, if the businesses are not viable without homes, you continue with your project? Because we fight to the end so that there are no houses, “argued Doris Ethier. According to her, all residents of the Dock Street share his opinion.

“It’s hard to tell the difference between the two projects because it gave us a leaflet in which it is understood that this is a single project,” lamented Cathy Lopez.

Even if we brought back to order citizens who pronounced the residential project, Véronique Morissette stressed their inseparability. “There are wild garlic and sugar bush. Do we know if there are protected species? Children are geocaching in the forest. It is inconceivable to demolish. ”

Ms. Morissette is at the same time worried about that Bromptonville students in high school might be attracted by the new Tim Hortons.

Others have argued that there is already a lot of empty space in Brompton, that the jobs created are not well paid and that consumers would not be more attracted to the heart of Brompton with this project.

In contrast, citizens claimed that they had had enough of having to move away to wash their car, for lunch at the restaurant or have a coffee in the evening. Without this project, Brompton will become a dormitory, said the other.

While Eric Laroche developer claimed that the project would create 200 to 250 jobs, the Tim Hortons franchisee Denis Bourque assured that it would not impose Brompton if the community does not want his restaurant.

Nicole Bergeron Advisor is pleased with the interest shown by the citizens. “I understand your disappointment can not approve the entire project. What happens next is up to you. Respect for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, who have taken a decision on their land, I ask you to continue to think and to meet them. It is a little paradise, but also private property. ”

Concerned citizens have until April 7 to demand the maintenance of a register.

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