The Guardians of Galaxy 2: Who will be the funniest character?

les-gardiens-de-la-galaxie-2-posterThe Guardians of the Galaxy will soon be back on our screens and the director has just given some important information!
Star Lord, Groot, Rocket or Gamora … The Guardians of the Galaxy will soon be back in the dark rooms and we look forward to this event. A first Teaser of the Guardians of The Galaxy 2 was recently unveiled by Marvel Studios and there is no doubt they are still as fun and provocative. Yes, Star Lord and his band are clearly not heroes like the others and never hesitate to laugh at the situations in which they find themselves, however complicated they may be. But who will have the palm of the funniest character in The Guardians of Galaxy 2? James Gunn gave the answer and it might surprise you.

While the director was exchanging with fans on Facebook, he answered a question about Dave Bautista aka Drax The Destroyer and said: “This is the funniest character of the Galaxy 2 Guardians. Bradley Cooper has just seen Film and compared Dave’s performance to that of Zack Galifinakis in “Very Bad Trip.” He’s great with his lines of dialogue. ” We’re really looking forward to seeing this with our own eyes, but we’ve already found it hilarious in the Guardian of the Galaxy 2 teaser when he advises Star Lord on his love life. Strongly release the film!

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