The Guignolee Dr. Julien raises $ 857,000 in one day

guignolee-poursuit-jusquau-15-janvierCollecting donations for the 13th Guignolee Dr. Julien has collected $ 857,000 Saturday, a partial assessment, however, not including the results of collections made ​​in all the certified centers throughout Quebec.

In 2014, $ 842,000 had been raised at this time.

According to Dr. Gilles Julien, the first count shows that public support to social pediatric community is renewed from year to year.

Mr. Julien adds that this authenticity is very reassuring for the way forward in the coming years, that of making accessible social pediatric care to over 20,000 children. Currently, 4,000 children benefiting.

The food drive runs until 15 January and the goal is 1.5 million.

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