The humanist vocation of the Museum of Fine Arts will be solidified

philanthrope-ex-editeur-scolaire-michelThe Montreal Museum of Fine Arts unveiled on Monday evening, his project of international education and art therapy Atelier Michel de la Chenelière, a year before the opening of the pavilion for peace Michal and Renata Hornstein which will host including the largest educational spaces of a museum in North America thanks to a donation of two million school former editor Michel de la Cheneliere.

The new and fifth pavilion MBAM will include next year, an additional floor to radiate the social, educational and therapeutic museum. It should at the school philanthropist and former editor Michel de la Chenelière who undertakes to give the MMFA two million over seven years. This gift of a passionate education in addition to three million he had offered to the museum in 2012 for a period of ten years, which has doubled its educational spaces.

As MBAM will the triplets in 2016, the institution will soon have the “biggest educational complex with an art museum in North America,” with an area dedicated to the education of 3588 m 2, more than that at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago or the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio. It is in this educational complex that will be welcomed now members of community organizations, schoolchildren and families came to participate in workshops.

“The vision of a humanist museum is due to the fact that we have the collections, public and environment, said Nathalie Bondil, Director General and Chief Curator of the MMFA. I like to say that we work for eternity because we must give these collections for future generations. The idea is to allow a multiple interpretation of our works that can talk about ecology, natural resources or of social realities such as child labor. ”

Based on a collaboration with 450 Quebec associations, educational and unifying mission MBAM includes hosting disadvantaged children, victims of bullying at school, homeless, adults in literacy classes, deficient intellectuals, the elderly and people with physical disabilities. The museum also works with Aboriginal women and new immigrants. A new wing of the museum will be also created in 2017 to house the works of artists from recent immigration.

MBAM Concordia Partnership

Concordia University has announced that it is partnering with the MMFA to complete eight projects “for the betterment of society.” Thus, the museum will receive educational content Concordia to host its permanent collection. A new space, The hive of art, the museum will be open to anyone who wants to create it. And an unpublished during Concordia, Peace Trail (“Path of Peace”), will allow students to create activities after exploring the collection of the new pavilion.

Art therapy

The MBAM said it will continue its partnerships with companies, associations and hospitals on research projects, such as on Alzheimer’s, anxiety, post-traumatic, suicide, autism or aspects of neuroscience .

“Art does us good and responds to a physiological need, said Nathalie Bondil. The museum also has a political role to play, in the sense of creating activities in the city, for the citizens, with our collections. ”

The MMFA also launches these days the Educ-art pilot project, with the support of digital cultural map of the Quebec government. Created from its collection, it will be inserted in the school curriculum from the 17 regions of Quebec.

Working on all educational aspects of the museum for six years, the Director of the Department of Education and Cultural Action at the MMFA, Jean-Luc Murray, said the museum of Sherbrooke Street is “open, permeable, interdisciplinary, transcultural and experimental. ”

The actress Evelyne de la Chenelière paid tribute to his father who was always “dream need of light and poetry.” “Thanks Dad time to promote art that brings us closer to each other, she has said. As we told you my sister and me, I tell you. I am proud of you ”

The announcements of the Museum of Fine Arts were made in the presence of the Premier of Québec, Philippe Couillard, three government ministers and the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre. Michel de la Chenelière finally explained that his gifts were intended to promote “democratization of art and its effects on humans.” “I hope other people like me support this museum, he has said. And our governments will breathe there more public money. ”

Education at the MMFA
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