The idea of a wall between the United States and Canada deemed “ridiculous”

lors-entrevue-candidat-investiture-republicaineThe border between the United States and Canada could one day be separated by an endless wall of 8891 kilometres? The candidate for the republican nomination Scott Walker has launched the stone into the pond on Sunday, claiming that this idea deserves to be examined.

Disaster shopping, the rise of racism, diplomatic relations worse: all are good reasons to oppose this project, “ridiculous” and “preposterous”, according to stakeholders interviewed by The Press.

During an interview on the political show Meet the Press on NBC, the governor of Wisconsin, which advocates a hard line with illegal migrants, was asked if he planned to erect a wall between the United States and Canada. The aspiring chairman then explained that the police officers of New Hampshire had raised “legitimate concerns” on this issue at a local assembly, a few days ago. “So, it is a legitimate problem to be considered”, he added. When asked about it Sunday in a press conference, the Defence minister of Canada Jason Kenney said “vigorously oppose any hardening of the border”.

Exacerbate tensions

The mayor of the border town of Lacolle, is categorical: the construction of a wall between Canada and the United States would be “absolutely useless and far-fetched”. “The image of the Berlin wall, I don’t see why a wall would be erected between the United States and Canada. The border is at the moment very well protected,” says Roland Luc Béliveau, who is also concerned that such a barrier contributes to exacerbate racial tensions.

The chamber of commerce of Canada, there is criticism of the proposal “very curious” to Scott Walker, considering that it directs a State bordering Canada. “Mr. Walker should probably ask to 158 000 employees who are directly dependent on investment, tourism, and trade with Canada what they think before taking a position,” says Guillaum Dubreuil, manager of public affairs. If the candidate keeps this promise, the chamber of commerce of Canada do not doubt that the canadian government and companies here in the United States will do everything “to make him understand that this idea is not viable”.

A speech-recurring

The candidates of the republican Party promise usually harden the mexico / u.s. border. However, it is not uncommon that the northern border is under the spotlight, ” says the researcher at the Observatory on the United States, UQAM, Élisabeth Vallet. “The wall joint canadian-american, it is a recurring discourse in american politics, so it was nothing new. Four years ago, it was [the republican candidate] Herman Cain had mentioned to build a wall on the north side.”

Even if the idea of erecting such a wall is still “anecdotal and rather ridiculous”, the specialist of the border walls do not completely exclude this possibility. “If the stars aligned in the wrong direction for us, it is quite possible that the border is escalating. It is already much harder than anything we knew prior to September 11.”

According to the scientific director of the Raoul Dandurand Chair, the results of Scott Walker in the next few polls will determine the future of this idea in the presidential campaign. “Walker is known for making gaffes and withdraw regularly. It is someone who is positioned very radical, but is mainly trying to find a niche compared to [Donald] Trump,” she says. The current leader of the race for the republican nomination, Donald Trump, has promised to deport the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

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