The IKEA gathering in Quebec City will be the largest in Canada

centre-cueillette-ikea-quebec-sera(Quebec) The IKEA collection center that will be built in Quebec by the end of the year will be the largest of the five that the Swedish furniture giant will open in Canada.

This new concept announced in May will have 39,554 square feet in the old Maxi Watt Avenue.

That of Whitby, Ontario, come second with 33,300 square feet at its premises planned to be inaugurated in spring. IKEA will also open picking centers in London, St. Catharines and Windsor, all Ontario cities.

The company always aims to open its centers in Quebec City and London “by the end of 2015”, it said in a new section of its website in which IKEA explains this concept (http: //

This new way of covering a market not served by a “real” IKEA store was favored by the Swedish firm in Quebec that had lost its branch in 1996.

With a collection center, people are shopping on the Internet and go look for the center which will also offer 99 items for sale on site. A command-line will cost $ 20 fee, regardless of the number of items purchased against a minimum of $ 100 when delivered at home. Central Quebec has 25 employees.

In information posted for the center to come, we also learn that Quebec will be open from 10h to 21h weekdays and from 9 am to 17h on weekends. We can come to pay by credit or debit card, but cash will not be accepted.

Great fanfare ad

In May, the announcement of the opening of an IKEA collection center was made with great fanfare. Although it was not a complete shop, Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume had indeed received at City Hall the President of IKEA Canada, Stefan Sjöstrand.

The reception of the people’s house had room for the occasion was literally transformed into living room with yellow chairs, a rug and a coffee table, which was a surprise to many.

Mr. Labeaume had justified this decision by the desire to send a “signal” to the Swedish giant. “We wanted to say that IKEA was with them, that we would help them settle here even more significantly,” commented the mayor had in May.

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