The Jacques-Cartier Park closed for spring cleaning

1165442The time will be at sprucing Thursday at Jacques-Cartier Park. So that the entire park, as well as multipurpose trails will be closed to all traffic.

Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists can not access the park by the road, but access will be outlawed throughout the promenade du Lac-des-Nations and the paths that connect the park Lucien-Blanchard Park and Four-Pins center. It will be recommended to take a detour through the surrounding streets. Cleaning should start in the night of Wednesday to Thursday and continue for a period of about 24 hours.

According to the Communications Department of the City of Sherbrooke, this is the first time that the Town proceeds to the complete closure of the park for cleaning. “The urban element” is very popular, it was decided to clean up at once rather than extending the unpleasantness over several days.

Very visible

Machinery will be observable everywhere, including to completely remove the small stone on grass, pavement and paved trails. In this sense, it will be possible to practice cycling and rollerblading safe from this weekend.

The City staff to work will be very visible, but no barrier will be erected. Access to the park will not be prohibited, but it will be difficult to enjoy its attractions. Spring cleaning may cause noise due to machinery.

The cleaning will take place rain or shine, unless excess rainfall. In the latter scenario, the work would be awarded in the following days.

Street cleaning will begin meanwhile in the coming weeks, as soon as weather permits.

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