The knives were flying low Love is in the meadow

-deux-participantsConspiracy, cheating, dishonesty, flouted rules. The least we can say is that the knives were flying low on Thursday night on the show Love is in the meadow, presented on V Tele.

At the heart of this controversy which ignited the Quebec social media are two Sherbrooke: one side Alexander P., dairy farmer, 33, and the other, Julia, a nursing assistant, aged 25, all both accused of violating the rules of the show intended to allow for single farmers to find your soul mate.

But on Thursday, viewers learned that Alexander and Julia have indeed cheated the production team by hiding the true nature of their relationship before the start of filming, which began last fall.

“Basically, me and Alex, it was dishonest from the beginning of the adventure. We already knew, “Julia confessed on camera after learning that Alexander had chosen to continue the adventure with Liliane, an administrative technician, of Val-des-Monts, rather than with it. “Three months before the adventure, we saw each other almost every day. We met with the children, it was the activities. All our spare time together we passed them, “she added.

The host of the show, Marie-Eve ​​Janvier, said the production team learned during filming that Julia had come into contact with Alexander from spreading his portrait on the website of the show. The couple would be attended to early farm stay, but never talk to the production team.

The rupture resulted in a settling of accounts before the cameras in which Julia Alexander accused of having betrayed her by asking her to participate in the show, despite the fact that they frequented. Hours before the show aired, the young woman has also sent a formal notice to the producer of the show. It deplores the advertising on its back which speaks of “conspiracy” and “cheating”.

Alexander, meanwhile, countered that despite the reluctance of Julia, his intentions were always to “live (his) experience” to the end.

In terms of his about-face for Liliane, Alexander P. explained by the fact that Liliane sees “more potential to form a couple.”

Invited to the live broadcast Salvail late Thursday evening, Alexander P. has submitted to Éric Salvail humorous questions on the “scandal” raised in Love is in the meadow.

When the host asked him if he’ll talk to Julia from the controversy, the dairy farmer said he spoke to him, but a certain tension always existed between the two.

“We certainly do not talk about sexual tension there?” Then asked Éric Salvail laughing.

Whether he and Liliane eventually form a couple, the Sherbrooke would not answer, instead asking the host and viewers to watch the show to end. What made say to Éric Salvail:

“You can tell us, you know. After all, it will not be the first time that you do not respect the rules …

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