The Kurds are launching the battle of Sinjar

irak_1This city, scene of massacres of Yezidis in August 2014, is located on a strategic supply route for jihadists. Baghdad will launch an offensive on Ramadi.
Resume the city of Sinjar under control of the “Islamic State” (“EI”), and cut the road true path strategic sourcing, linking Mosul which focuses jihadist power in Iraq and Raqqa, the stronghold of ” IE “in Syria, is the goal of the offensive launched by Iraqi Kurdish forces in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Some 7,500 fighters, backed by air strikes by US forces and their allies have thus launched an assault on this city under control since August 2014 jihadist the “EI”.

In August 2014, Iraqi Kurdish forces were routed by the jihadists “EI”, whose offensive against the Kurdish nation and Erbil was stopped in extremis by US air power. The people of the region, mainly the Yezidis, trapped, many of whom were massacred and women reduced to the status of slaves, owe their salvation as forces of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party Turkish), cold indeed with his cousin KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party of Massoud Barzani, who has good relations with Erdogan). Hence some resentment towards the Iraqi Yezidis PDK. It is through an open corridor through the units of the Turkish PKK as several thousand Yezidis have found refuge on the heights of Mount Sinjar, which overlooks the area. And with the help of the PKK that were put in place Sinjar resistance units, combat units Yezidi.

Concerning the conduct of the offensive “Free Sinjar,” launched yesterday morning General Ezzedine Saadoun said that “the attack began at seven in the morning and peshmerga fighters advanced on several axes to release the district center Sinjar “defended, according to American sources, some 600 jihadists. And according to the Autonomous Region of the Security Council of Iraqi Kurdistan, the goal is to “establish a buffer zone to protect the city and its people,” adding that “coalition aircraft provide close air support to Peshmerga forces this operation “. “The Kurdish forces have already managed to take many villages north of Sinjar,” said for his part the general Seetayi Hashem, Iraqi peshmerga. “By taking Sinjar, we will be able to cut the communications line, which we believe will affect the ability (the” EI “) to restock,” said US Colonel Steve Warren, spokesperson the coalition. And this will represent “a critical first step in the eventual release of Mosul,” he added.

For its part, the Iraqi army is about to launch an offensive to retake the city of Ramadi, fell to the “EI” last summer, almost the same time that the Syrian city of Palmyra. After a major military base west of Ramadi and sealed off the city, Iraqi forces have virtually cut off supply routes to the south and west, to prevent the “EI” to send reinforcements defend the city.

The week promises to be crucial for the jihadists of “EI” being squeezed by Kurdish forces, and threatened also by the offensive that is about to launch the Iraqi army in Ramadi. And that, in a context where “EI” is already facing the Russian strikes and a resumption of attacks by the Syrian army in the region of Raqqa and Palmyra, but also to those of YPG in the Hasaka region Syrian-Turkish border.

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