The Law Society of Longueuil denounced the suspension of Batonniere

lu-chan-khuongThe Law Society of Longueuil Friday adopted a resolution in support of the new Bâtonnière Quebec, Mr. Lu Chan Khuong suspended this week after La Presse revealed that she had been the subject of a complaint to the police for theft shoplifting.

“The Law Society of Longueuil is concerned about the speed of the process that led to the decision of the Board [of the Quebec Bar] as well as by the existing disproportion between the result of the decision and the objective gravity of what is criticized, “according to the resolution adopted unanimously by the Law Society’s board of Longueuil including La Presse obtained a copy.

“The basic rule is that you need a reasonable time before a hearing to allow to defend themselves properly,” said Mr. David Dubois, Secretary of the Board

He stated that the complaint file for theft of Mr. Khuong was treated by the diversion program and that information related to this case should therefore remain confidential. “It should never have come out, it’s illegal information casting adds Mr. Dubois. If a representative of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DCPP) decided that it was not worth the trouble of judicialize the record, that he had good reason. ”

This “leakage of information” is all the more worrying, according to Mr. Dubois, it occurs in a particular context, a month after the election of the Bâtonnier, with 63% of votes.

“Logically, it was the turn of Mr. Khuong be Bâtonnière, but people decided that there would be elections and it played the elbow. Many people do not want it [as Bâtonnière] and some of them sit on the Board of the Quebec Bar … so it leaves some doubt, “said Mr. David Dubois, Secretary of the Law Society of Longueuil .


The Law Society of Longueuil demand retention of Bâtonnière and requires an independent body shed light on all this history taking, if any, rigorous and transparent hearing.

The Law Society of Longueuil is particularly questions the legality of a possible impeachment of Bâtonnière by CA

“We asked to see the specific sections and were told without giving us items that would do it,” he said.

The Law Society of Longueuil said they had voted the resolution at the request of many of its 1,300 members. “We had several calls from our members who thought this story was like a vendetta,” he said. Mr. Dubois ignores the positions of the other 14 bars of the regions of Quebec. “We do not campaign to rally other bars,” he insisted.

This is further support for the Bâtonnière. Friday, 75 lawyers have also signed a letter to the defense of MeKhuong in which they requested an investigation into the disclosure process of this story.

Mr. Khuong, a lawyer Lawyers in Bellemare alongside her husband Marc Bellemare, former Minister of Justice, has always denied committing a flight Simons Carrefour Laval on April 17 2014. It argues rather a careless mistake. It intends to challenge his suspension in court.

It was not possible to join the Quebec Bar Saturday.

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