The leader of a motorcycle gang arrested

naiwa-rebels-supporteurs-hells-angelsBabajko Philip, 50, president of Naïwa Rebels, a group of Hells Angels bikers supporter according to police, was arrested for possession of weapons and drug trafficking last week, has learned.

Among the seized weapons, narcotics investigators in the area of ​​Montreal police have recovered notably Glock 9 mm pistol flew above the Sûreté du Québec in unknown circumstances. The SQ confirmed the flight, but would not give more details because an investigation is underway.
Following a short investigation, SPVM police found three Friday, September 25 gauge shotguns 12 pieces, the Glock pistol and a weapon resembling a ninja star in a housing of Henault street Montreal North. When typing, which was conducted with the help of their colleagues in the Emergency Response Team, the bloodhounds also got hold of a quantity of marijuana and speed, and a certain amount of money.

Babajko addition, four other people were arrested: Pierre Falby, 37, Carole Ann Harvey, 24, Marie-Claude Tessier Roch, 35, and Philippe Dumas, 29. Most appeared the next day and were facing charges for possession of arms and drugs.

Only Falby remained detained. In October 2000, when he was 22, had been accused Falby with others for a murder committed in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. Conspiracy and murder charges had been dropped, however, and he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for possession of a weapon. Falby several other criminal history, in terms of possession and cocaine trafficking, robbery, breaking and entering and possession of firearms. Moreover, it is forbidden to own. Babajko, meanwhile, has no history.

According to police, the Rebels Naïwa Wild Riders allegedly involved in the smuggling of cigarettes and weapons. The ACMD letters would be written on their jackets. Police say they mean “All cops must die” – All police officers must die – meaning that however reject members of Naïwa Rebels.

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