The level of the Montmorency River lowered for a month

(Quebec) The level of the Montmorency River was lowered by 3.5 meters on Monday and will thus be maintained for a month, above the dam Natural Steps. The operation is needed to plug the water infiltration areas to the caves of Courville of land subsidence officials in the past.

The work commissioned by the City of Quebec to a specialized firm debuted Monday and will continue until September 9. Boralex, the owner of the dam built in 1908, has been involved and has undertaken to lower the river level by increasing the flow of water that passes the installation.

SOTRACO Inc. workers. take over in the coming days to complete the work valued at nearly $ 925,000. “The work will allow us to prevent water from going inside and continue to undermine inside the caves and cause subsidence problems,” summarized David O’Brien, spokesman for the Quebec city. The idea of ​​reducing the water level is to “clear the bank and shotcrete to seal the entry points to capture that power the caves of Courville.”

Remember that whole buildings were evacuated in 2013 due to land subsidence. A hole had formed in particular behind a building in the street Brideau, forcing dozens of evacuations. Some tenants have not been able to return their homes. The experts determined that soil instability there, that could threaten other buildings Courville sector was largely due to the underground network of faults.

Minimal consequences

Lowering the Montmorency River should not cause too much impact on local residents, according to the City. The affected portion is mainly near the golf Montmorency going back to the Domaine de la Rivière, Boischatel.

Only landowners around the lake of the Forsaken, a bay formed a few hundred meters upstream of the dam, the water level will drop drastically. “Lake of the Forsaken, a large bay, will be dried up,” said M.O’Brien.

Downstream, the Montmorency Falls should instead see its rate increase as more water flows from the dam Natural Steps. To his left, toward Quebec, the fall of the White Lady, which in itself is a resurgence cave, is expected to lose intensity. The phenomenon had already begun during the passage of the Sun Monday noon.

The fauna and flora should not suffer, also ensures the city. “[We] asked all authorizations to the Ministry of the Environment. There was an impact study concerning fish, wildlife and flora. The Ministry oversees everything. […] Everything will be done within the rules of art. ”

Lovers of canoe or kayak that used to frequent the Beauport Outdoor Centre will still travel the rivers. The City ensures that the water level will not be affected more upstream, including Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval.

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